The wood is an alive material and can have many reactions depending on the climatic conditions of the places where it is fixed.

In the houses the temperature is around 20°C and the relative humidity of the air around 55%, under these conditions the relative moisture of wood must be between 8% and 10%.

For a correct laying it is opportune:

  1. to put the parquet in the places where it has to be fixed so that it can enter the equilibrium with the environmental conditions;

  2. to control foundations whose damp must not overcome 2,5 % in weight;

  3. to make sure the floor foundation is compact and free of cracks;

  4. to check that the foundation is sufficiently clean to guarantee a correct anchorage of the adhesive;po
5. to make installation under environmental conditions free of excess of damp.

Systems of laying

now in disuse.

Floating laying

The parquet is not anchored to the foundation but it is set on a small mattress in expanded polyethylene.

This type of laying is very fast and allows to use the parquet again, but stability is precarious.

Laying with glue

It guarantees the finest result, it is made by using mono and bicomponent glues specific for wood.