Floor foundations

Cement screed

it is the most used one obtained by mixing sand and cement. The smoothing operations must be done when the cement is still fresh. Additives antifreeze incompatible with parquet must be avoided such as lightening materials like expanded clay, pumice, cellular cement because of their low specific weight and because they absorb most of the water of the mixture by delaying the drying of foundation. It is a good rule to request information about the use of these materials by the building company.

Foundations with heating systems

For the foundations containing the radiant pipes, the thickness of the coverage concrete must be at least 3,5 cm and the operating temperature of the water must not be over 27° C.

Friable foundations

The class of resistance of a foundation has to be at least of 200 - 250 kg/cm2.

If this value is lower there is the possibility to consolidate it with the use of special products.


it is composed by well seasoned tables or wood panels thick 20 - 25 mm put together.

The boarding leans on a serious of small beams with sides of 4 - 8 cm.

These systems are quite expensive, but the support is very strong and has an excellent thermoacoustic isolation. Moreover, the laying can be done immediately.

Preexisting floors

it is possible to glue the parquet on any solid and well levelled floor.

The floor must be preventively well cleaned and it is necessary to control if there are unstable tiles to consolidate.